Alpha Anywhere - July to Aug 2019

In conjunction with the Celebration of Hope, marketplace ministries, churches, and various local communities will be running the second session of Alpha in July to Aug.

We will be running Alpha Anywhere in our 5 Cell Groups (English). For more information or to register, please click here.

40-Day Prayer & Fasting     40天禁食祷告

On This Rock is the theme of 40.Day 2019. It brings us back to the basics of the Church Jesus builds as seen through the life and legacy of His first disciple. Simon Peter begins as a reluctant disciple and struggles with doubt and fear. He falters and fails when the going gets tough. But Peter never gives up. Follow him these next 40 days and beyond!


Bible Camp Sermon Messages for Sale


Pastor Eric Lau’s messages from the camp is selling at $20 per set. Now available in CD or mp3 one-time download. Order from Sister Karen at the church office.

退修会光碟或上网mp3一次下载订购开始啦!Eric Lau牧师在退修会讲道信息,每套20新元。 请向教会同工Karen 姐妹订购。