our Sunday Services   主日实体聚会

Here are the following changes in service arrangements:


  • Both English & PoD Youth Services will be conducted solely on our online platforms.
  • 英文堂和青少年堂:线上崇拜。
  • Solid Rock Children's Service will continue to be made available online.
  • 儿童磐石堂:线上崇拜。
  • Chinese Service will continue their services both online and in-person (max 50 pax capacity). For queries on Chinese Service, kindly contact Deacon David Choo.
  • 福华聚会;线上崇拜和实体聚会(不超过50人)。关于福华聚会相关事宜,请联系朱万发执事。

This arrangement will carry on until the 13th June 2021, subject to revision by our government's regulations & advisories. 


Online viewing for all our services will also be made available on the following platforms:


上午8:50 - 福华聚会 @ COSB 脸书 (www.facebook.com/cosbal)

• 11am - English Service @ COSB Facebook page (www.facebook.com/cosbal)

• 1pm - Youth Service @ PoD Youths YouTube page (https://tinyurl.com/podYT

• Solid Rock Children Service will have online lessons @ COSB Facebook page (www.facebook.com/cosbal)

Trace Together    合力追踪

Starting from 17 May 2021, all places of worship will only allow SafeEntry check-ins using either the TraceTogether mobile app or token to scan at the SafeEntry Gateway device.


(1) Download the mobile app   下载手机应用程序  @ www.tracetogether.com

(2) Collect your token  领取并使用防疫器 @ https://token.gowhere.gov.sg/

"WE ARE COSB" Series     "我们是 COSB" 系列讲道

Access short clips and cell group materials here.