A Jolly Carnival - 24 Dec

欢庆圣诞佳节  12月24日

This year’s Christmas Eve falls on Sunday! It will be a time of celebration to bring love, cheer and goodwill to everyone! There will be Service (Speaker: Jose Philip), followed by lunch and carnival activities! Bring your family and friends on 24 December 2017 (Sunday), 9:30am at Amtech!

今年的平安夜是主日!让我们一起欢庆,把主的大爱、喜乐和美意带给身边的每个人吧!当天除了有主日礼拜(讲员:Jose Philip牧师),还有午餐预备与庆祝活动!赶快邀请亲朋戚友来参加吧!日期:2017年12月24日(主日),时间:早上9.30;地点:永德大厦。

Solid Rock Children's Camp     磐石儿童营会

Dear Parents, Solid Rock is organizing a children's camp from 1 to 3 December 2017 for P1 to P6 students. Do sign up with The Solid Rock Crew (Vivian/Joey/Joon Hoe/May) as soon as possible. You may like to invite your friends' kids too!

亲爱的爸爸妈妈:磐石儿童堂正在安排年底的儿童营会,时间:2017121-3;热情邀请:小1-6的儿童。请尽快向磐石堂负责人(Vivian/Joey/Joon Hoe/May)报名哦!也欢迎邀请教会以外的小朋友参加哦!

Youth Camp - Fully Yielded 2017     青少年营会 - 完全降服 2017

It's the time of the year again for the youths to gather together for a good time of bonding and encountering God. We are extending the invitation to anyone who is aged 12-21 to join us for this time of fun. Do check us out at www.facebook.com/PeopleofDestiny and follow us on Instagram @PODYOUTHS for the latest updates on Camp Fully Yielded 2017!

又到了青少年们团契+与神相会的美好时期啦!今年的主题为“完全降伏 2017”。诚邀年龄介于12-21 岁的青少年都来参加我们的营会,详情请上网查询:www.facebook.com/PeopleofDestiny,或上我们的Instagram查看此次营会的更新消息:@PODYOUTHS


                        Date          日期: 27th Dec (Wed) to 30th Dec (Sat)        12月27日(拜三)至12月30日(拜六)

                        Location   地点: The Girls' Brigade Centre Campsite, 795 Upper Serangoon Road

                        Cost          费用: $60 (Early bird: Before/on 19th Nov      11月19日之前报名者);

                                               $70 (Normal Rate: After 19th Nov          11月19日之后报名者)


Grab a consent form from our church's foyer and sign up with us :-) We hope to have your fullest support and look forward to seeing your child at the camp! It's an opportunity not to be missed. Contact Persons: Bobby Cheng or Png Hui Jun.

敬请家长们在教会大厅索取参会同意书,签名后交给营会负责人。我们期待您们的全力支持,盼望在今年的营会中见到您们的宝贝!特别的营会不容错过哦!联系人:Bobby Cheng 或 Png Hui Jun。

Bible Camp 2018     2018退修会

       Date   日期: 18 to 21 June 2018

       Camp Speaker   退修会讲员: Pastor Benny Ho

     Venue   地点: The Wembley – A St Giles Hotel


Next year, we will be heading to Penang for our Annual Church Camp. It is a 4 days 3 nights (4D3N) camp. Block your dates and book your flights! Registration opens in January 2018.